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Welcome to Bakewell Creamery Home Delivery Shop. If you wish to have fresh raw milk delivered to your home weekly, please order below the number of litres you want to buy (2-litre minimum) plus the number of bottles (if you don't already own Bakewell Creamery glass bottles). The cost is $5 per litre (2 litre minimum up to 3 litres) delivered plus $5 each for our glass reusable bottles.

For 4 litres plus it is $4 a litre delivered. We will swap your clean empty Bakewell Creamery glass bottles and lids each week.

Your subscription can be put on hold, changed or cancelled at any time.

For 4 or more litres the price is $4 and the glass bottle $5 = $9 per litre = $36. The next time you order the cost is $4 a litre = $16 and we swap the clean empty bottles and lids.

If you have not drunk raw milk before, please read our raw milk information page before ordering.

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Not sure if we deliver to your address?

If you see that we don't deliver to your area here, send us an email with your address and we will get back to you with delivery route updates. 

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A Message from the Bakewell Creamery Family

We have felt it necessary to change the way we offer raw milk to the public, due to how we wish to distribute our milk to the market place. This has led us to acquire Our Milk Group Limited Partnership. We believe, under this new system, Bakewell Creamery will be able to provide you with a much better service, for no additional cost. 

To have raw milk delivered to you, please join Our Milk Group Limited Partnership. This means you become a Limited Partner and get to drink your own milk from your own herd of cows, giving you the unique opportunity to consume your own unpasteurised milk. You can access all Limited Partnership files when you click the link below.

Click here for the Application Form


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