Hi Everyone

WOW!  2020 is here and it's almost the end of January. I hope you have all managed to have some sort of break and enjoyed the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

We wanted to start a newsletter/ blog so you can keep up to date with what's happening on farm and in the business.

First off, time to reflect on where we have been ... 2019 was an amazing year.

Here's just a few highlights, but I'm sure there's more:

  • We got some stickers made and put our logo on the bottles and they look so cool.
  • We had a Gala Day in Feburary. We wanted to do this every year but we are going to put this off until next year and make it a bi annual event.
  • We started delivering milk in March
  • We upgraded the website and had a cool, professional video made
  • We made the Farmers Weekly paper and the front cover of the Dairy Farmer magazine plus we did a bunch of other media stories
  • More family started working and being a part of the business
  • We now have two delivery trucks delivering 5 days per week from as far North as Waipu and as far south as Manurewa
  • We had some merchandise printed and available for sale on the website
  • Now we are supplying Mangahwai Honey and Whangaripo Valley Eggs with our milk service. So we are now the land of Milk, Honey and Eggs!
  • We smile and laugh everyday when we are working together and we love what we do and we do what we love ... Bring on 2020.


  • It's dry and has been dry for a while now. This is normal for Northland and we plan for the dry summers through cutting lots of grass silage, growing summer turnips and growing maize silage. We control and do as much of this process as we can, to ensure a quality and timely result.
  • The cows are eating mainly grass silage for their diet at the moment and have dropped in production. It's to be expected but we will hang in there. We still have capacity to grow supply as we are still supplying Fonterra.
  • Autumn calving cows are dried off and having a holiday, ready for calving starting end of March.
  • Water is the key ingredient for the girls and we are making sure they have lots of it.


We are constantly trying to improve our service to you all by getting your milk to you as efficiently as possible, so watch this space. We may need to change delivery days from time to time, but we will give you plenty of notice. As we grow, we need to adapt to the growth. So please bear with us.

A lot of you saw the story in Mahurangi Matters which is great, however we got a reverse reaction as quite a few people didn't read the article properly and thought or heard we were shut down.

I can assure you we are NOT shutting down and we are MPI registered and operating legally.

How you can help

If you love the milk and the service we provide, please tell everyone you know! The more milk we can sell, the more sustainable we will be.

Lastly, as a reward to all of our loyal, local customers, the price of raw milk at the vending machine has been dropped back to $3 per litre. This is to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT. The price will remain $3 for the foreseeable future.


How to Look After your Subscription

We want you to have the best experience when you subscribe to receive your weekly supply of raw milk, eggs and honey. 

  • Please make sure your payment has been made at least two days before your delivery day so that you receive your order for that week.
  • Also if you want to make changes to your subscription please do so a couple of days before your next delivery day.
  • If you wish to change your subscription, login to your account
  • You can skip deliveries, pause your subscription or cancel your subscription
  • For those of you who purchase through the Bakewell Creamery website, to change your order select Swap Product and choose the product you want to swap and save your selection. This will recalculate your payment
  • If you want to delete a product (say eggs or honey) go into where you can see your order and put a zero beside the product. This will also recalculate your payment
  • For those of you who purchase through Our Milk Group and have an LP number please WATCH THE VIDEO to see how you change your order, once you have logged in

  • On the day of your delivery, if you are home or not it helps us if the bottles are left outside in a chillybin/bag. The faster we can be delivering the milk the more customers we can service.

 How to Clean your Glass Bottles and Lids

  • Please do not put ANYTHING, including salt, flavours, eggs etc. into your Bakewell Creamery glass bottle of milk. If you wish to add something to the milk, please pour the milk out of the glass bottle and put it into another container. 
  • When your milk bottle is empty, immediately wash the bottle and lid in COLD water to remove any milk residue.
  • Wipe around the neck of the bottle with a clean, wet cloth. 
  • Either wash the bottle and lid in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Leave to drain upside down until dry ... or
  • Wash the glass bottle and lid in a dishwasher with rinse aid. 

We do wash the bottles and lids again, however we so appreciate receiving back sparkling clean bottles.

Thank you from the BC TEAM.




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Not sure if we deliver to your address?

If you see that we don't deliver to your area here, send us an email with your address and we will get back to you with delivery route updates. 

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A Message from the Bakewell Creamery Family

We have felt it necessary to change the way we offer raw milk to the public, due to how we wish to distribute our milk to the market place. This has led us to acquire Our Milk Group Limited Partnership. We believe, under this new system, Bakewell Creamery will be able to provide you with a much better service, for no additional cost. 

To have raw milk delivered to you, please join Our Milk Group Limited Partnership. This means you become a Limited Partner and get to drink your own milk from your own herd of cows, giving you the unique opportunity to consume your own unpasteurised milk. You can access all Limited Partnership files when you click the link below.

Click here for the Application Form


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